Pierre Neil

Pierre Neil



Pierre Neil, widely known as Swiss, established himself as a DJ/Producer and radio personality, forming one part of the infamous collective the So Solid crew, of which he produced four songs on their international multi-platinum selling debut album ‘They Don’t Know’.

Being multitalented, it wasn’t long before the world knew Swiss was more than just a deejay/producer, he featured as a Rapper on fellow chart topping band members Oxide and Neutrino’s single ‘Rap Dis’, which hit number 12 in the charts. Other chart topping songs Swiss featured on included ‘Broken Silence’ (No. 9) and ‘All Over’ (No.2), the debut single from Lisa Maffia’s album ‘First Lady’ that Swiss wrote and produced on.

After touring Europe with Christina Aguilera, Swiss began building songs towards his first solo album ‘Pain N Muziq’ officially released in 2005. More recently Swiss took part in the REDBULL culture clash alongside other UKG acts at the Indigo2 and continues to perform around the country.