Paapa Essiedu stars in Sky's new sci-fi thriller 'The Lazarus Project'

Our Paapa Essiedu heads up the cast in Sky's brand new sci-fi thriller 'The Lazarus Project', all 8 episodes of which are available on Sky Box Sets and @nowtv from today!

Paapa plays George, a man who wakes up one day reliving a day from his past, with some notable exceptions — his success at work and his marriage to the love of his life Sarah seem to never have happened.

George is convinced he’s lost his mind but then meets a mysterious woman called Archie who recruits him into a secret organization called The Lazarus Project, led by the formidable Wes.

The organisation has the power to turn back time each time the world is at threat from extinction and is desperately trying to stop a criminal hellbent on destroying the planet. But when something terrible happens to Sarah and George learns he can only turn back time if there’s a threat of global extinction he must wrestle with his conscience and decide what he’s willing to sacrifice in order to change his own fate...