Yakety Yak now represents kids!

We've handpicked children that sound natural and not too clean cut, but who have all picked up the VO tricks of their parents - who are also all repped by us - and what a lovely lot they are... 

First up we have Aaron, a 10 year old who is mad about video games and all things technical. His voice is confident and articulate, but cheeky! 


Next we have charming 7 year old Amber, who is very outgoing and enjoys singing, ballet and playing the violin and is very keen to follow in her mum's (Jonell Elliott) footsteps. 


The oldest of our youngsters, Iris is 13 years old and daughter to our Katherine Wogan, and granddaughter to Terry Wogan! Her voice is understated and friendly. 


9 year old Lulie adores all things sparkly, and she is also very creative and loves her reading. Her voice is natural and reassuring, just like her mother's (Shelley Blond). 


Last but certainly not least, we have 9 year old Tess! She has learnt the tricks of the trade from her dad Steven Hartley, so is ready to take the voiceover world by storm. Her voice is natural, thoughtful and bright. 

Artist profiles: