Stephen Alan Yorke

Stephen Alan Yorke



Unmistakable & humorous with a raw quality. Steve is a versatile voiceover artist and all-round comedy thing. He has performed in two full-runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as compere of improv show ‘All Made Up: This Time It’s Social’, had a pilot commissioned by Channel 4 after winning the E4 ‘Radio Haha’ competition with ‘Cyberjoust’, often performs stand-up around London town, but has never won a game of chess.

Online comedy shows:
'All Star Antics’ impressions series | Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Van Halen podcast | Mansize Radio: Top 20 Countdown Show

Short Film:
'I’m Bansky!’ as Banksy | ‘Life Pursuits’ as Hooks for Hands

Comedy performances:
Compere of ‘All Made Up: This Time It’s Social' (improv show) | Stand-up | Cadbury Spots V Stripes (UK tours compere)